Miss Claflin Ariel Manning Gets Ready for Med School at University of Louisville

My summer experiences in Louisville, Kentucky ranged from learning to building friendships that have lasted well beyond the span of the program. 

The Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (SMDEP) is a program that reaches out to students who aspire to be medical physicians or dentists.  The program is held at various institutions but the University of Louisville was my choice. 

As an aspiring medical physician, I was extremely grateful for the class schedule, which was comprised of biochemistry, physiology, organic chemistry, and physics.  All of the courses introduced are necessary to attend most medical schools and dental schools.  The rigorous coursework and class times we endured were to help prepare us for the life of a medical or dental student. 

The University of Louisville is the only institution on the list that grants the opportunity to earn three credit hours from the course.  The schools incorporate various hands-on activities like a virtual colonoscopy and a patient to conduct physicals.  I was able to do both much more accurately during the program.

This internship was not only based on MCAT and DAT and advancement in the sciences, but we also had public speaking assignments and we began writing our medical and dental school entrance essays.  Many activities were setup away from the classroom.  We ventured to Churchill Downs, where the Kentucky Derby is located, the Ohio River for the Fourth of July and we were also able to utilize school facilities like volleyball courts, the gym, and swimming pools. 

The University of Louisville was a home away from home during my six week stay.  A local church held a luncheon acknowledging students and our strong desire and effort to enter the medical field. The staff and coordinators were and still are extremely helpful and genuinely care about our future. 

After attending this program, medical school is but a step away and I will be taking that huge step very soon.  I plan on applying to The University of Louisville School of Medicine, as well as a few others.  Just when I thought it was impossible, this experience has made my passion grow even more for the field of medicine.  I made a lot of good friends, gained many contacts, met many influential people in medicine and I can say it has made me a better person. Overall, I truly enjoyed myself and would recommend this program to any hopeful physician or dentist.


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