Ms. Tasia Williams “Practicing” Law

“Advocates in Insurance for Higher Education!”

This motto is the main purpose and focus of the Educational & Institutional Insurance Administrators, Inc. (EIIA). Throughout the past seven weeks, EIIA has used their motto for insurance as a tool to educate two minority business students on the success of African Americans in Chicago.

This internship has given me the chance to meet minority professionals from various occupations. For one whole week, EIIA sent us to a minority-owned law firm in downtown Chicago. I got the chance to network with associates, partners and an appellate court judge. We set in on several circuit court cases and were able to receive beneficial information on our desires to attend law school. After a week of pretending to be a lawyer, I was sent to West Palm Springs, FL to attend the Council of Presidents’ Conference. Here we were required to present, for the second time; on our experience at the EIIA. Unlike most internship, EIIA has made every moment of my summer to be educational, beneficial, and quite entertaining. As an additional networking opportunity, EIIA has already set up a meeting for us with their Investigative Accounting Firm.

 In my first post, I stated that “insurance was a promise”. Over the past 40 years, EIIA has lived up to their promise of providing quality insurance to Christian-based institutions. As advocates in insurance for higher education, I believe the EIIA would be just as successful as educators. This experience has exceeded any expectations that I would have as an intern pursuing my bachelors degree. In just eight weeks, I have grown professionally and mentally. I cannot thank EIIA enough for helping me to improve my networking skills and opening my eyes to a whole new field of possibilities.


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