Two is Better Than One: Ms. Toni Talley Learning About Advertising and Radio Industries

I attended the Center of Excellence Advertising Boot camp at Howard University for two weeks.

Within these two weeks, I saw the ins and outs of the advertising industry which helped prepare my group , The Ganar Group, for a real marketing campaign for the NAACP and the Coca-Cola Company. This was a competition among 21 students ranging from sophomores to recent graduates. Throughout the program, each group took home a “homework assignment”, where we would have to research different analysis and different strategies to target the youth population for each company.

Different advertising agencies like Egamni Consulting, Wieden & Kennedy, the Publisher of Heart & Soul, and many more came in to speak to the program to give us insight on putting together our marketing solutions. This program was very, very, very intense. No time for sleeping, touring Washington D.C., or socializing with people in the other programs. Work was the only thing the CEA knew how to do, and in the end, all the nights of watching the sun rise paid off!

Every participant was offered an internship with major advertising agencies, such as Wieden & Kennedy who works with Michael Jordan and does commercials like the “Old Spice” commercial. I would have been offered an internship, but I wasn’t competing due to already having another internship at home and family circumstances.

After the two weeks in Washington, D.C., I headed back home to Kansas City, MO where I soon became an intern at Cumulus Broadcasting in the production department. Cumulus Broadcasting consists of eight radio stations, including the Kansas City Chiefs network. I worked with Mr. John Taylor in the production department, dubbing in and extending commercials with Maestro and Enco, creating commercials using Nuendo and reading scripts for stations like Magic 107.3, and Vibe 95.7. This was a short program through the City of Kansas City, MO.

Not only did I attend the CEA program in Washington D.C., and work for Cumulus Broadcasting, but I was also asked to help the 5th District City Councilman, Terry Riley, with his campaign for his upcoming election this August.


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