SGA President Steven Dial Reflects on CBS News Internship in Atlanta

“You learn something new every day.”

Now I know that might sounds cliché.  But in life – and more specifically – in the world of journalism, I have genuinely learned something new every day while at CBS.

I only have about 2 weeks left here.   Everything that I have learned at Claflin and here at CBS are all blending together as my internship is now in its final stretch.  I have learned “If it bleeds it leads.” Sounds harsh but I learned here in Atlanta what is news worthy, also known as a hard news story, and what is just a “feel good story.” J

I will post in my last blog and final resume tape at the end of the course. In these last two weeks, we are just editing our tapes so that we can send them to stations in January for employment after graduation.

Recently, my intern class and I wrote, produced, reported, and anchored our very own intern newscast. It was a great way to practice in a real world atmosphere with deadlines. I created a short montage of some of the footage from our newscast; you can click the link below:

As this internship is ending, I would personally like to take the time out to thank all of my fellow classmates, Claflin teachers and staff, Dr. Durant, and President Tisdale for all of your words of support!

Thank You!


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