Ms. Marissa Bright Gets a Checkmark from Nike Marketing Research

I work for Nike Department of 6.0 Action Sports at Nike WHQ (World Head Quarters) in Beaverton, Oregon. 

 I am a brand marketing intern.  My projects include developing the framework for a shop kid program, in ACtion Sport’s Core shops; mainly featured on the West Coast.  WIth this project, I will be flying back and forth to California to be involved in a Motel Notell event.  During this event, I , along with other interns, will be visiting core shops and conducting research to help along with the framework of our program.

 Another project I will be working on is a competitive analysis of our 6.0 Action Brand Apparel for Men.  This required three weeks of research of competitive companies and placing them where they are in the market.

 I attended the IT GIRL Event, which is a women’s apparel fashion show conducting among action sport’s athletics and celebrities to bring attention to the clothing line.  Other events I went to  this summer included: the U.S. Open of Surfing in Hunington Beach, California, an event where 500,000 people come out to watch the nation’s top surf competition, Walk the Walk Fashion Show by Hurley and  a Converse-sponsored concert.  I also got introduced to new swag from the Action Sports 6.0 Line.


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