Ms. Briauna Hawthrone Looks to Discover “Bonds” at Furman

I am currently working with Dr. Fan and Tamera Johnson at Furman University doing research on halogen bonding between pyridine and perfluoroalkyl iodide. Basically, we are trying to prove that there is self intermolecular bonding going on between isoC3F7I.  We started out by testing them with different solvents using the FT-IR.  We looked for shifts that indicate a change in the bonding strength.

Right now, we are observing the shifts using F-NMR.  I like doing research here so far. Furman has great facilities and resources. We recently had a luncheon where we got to meet all of the companies that support this program, which was an excellent networking opportunity.

Furman is also sponsoring us to attend the New Orleans for the American Chemical Society Regional Meeting December 1-4.  

I look forward to continuing doing this research.


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