SGA President Mr. Steven Dial Delivering Big News in Atlanta

“What a great experience!”

 I have been interning at CBS Atlanta News for about a month now.  Here at CBS, I am continuing to learn about the “fast-paced” world of journalism.  Atlanta is the #8 market in the country, so I am learning hands on from some of the top reporters, producers, and news directors in the local news arena.

This intern has helped me perfect my writing skills and how to properly articulate while speaking. I have worked on several stories in the past two weeks including: “The Sandy Springs Hoarder.” This story was breaking news here in Atlanta.  The story was about how a 38-year-old woman was living in her house for years with trash “waste-deep.” It took four firefighters and 40 minutes to get her out.

Also, I worked on a “Gang Graffiti” story.  With crime being very high in the city of Atlanta, we covered a story about how graffiti has been at parks for decades. We contacted the city and they came to clean up the graffiti at Mozely Park. Mozely Park was the first park for blacks in the city.

Yesterday, I went out on another breaking news story.  MARTA, Atlanta’s transit service board of directors made a major budget cut vote yesterday. This vote resulted in them termination over 200 workers, shutting down 40 bus lines and even closing some of their public restrooms at their train stations. They made these necessary cuts because they are millions of dollars in the red. I am continuing to cherish these memorable moments here at CBS and I am truly blessed to have this opportunity.

With the end of my internship experience coming soon,I have to create a resume tape before exiting the course. You can click the link below to see some of the work I have done so far here at CBS Atlanta News.


One Response to “SGA President Mr. Steven Dial Delivering Big News in Atlanta”

  1. Melvenia Williams Says:

    Congratulations, Mr. President.

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