Ms. Philana Payton Experiencing a Mixture of Research and Exploration in Washington, D.C.

Ms. Philana Payton

I have been in Washington D.C. at Howard University for almost a week now through the Leadership Alliance Program and have already had some great experiences.

When I first arrived to Reagan Int’l Airport, I had to take a taxi to my residence hall. From there, I moved into my room. Thankfully, there were two other Claflin students who had arrived earlier that day for another program and were staying in the same dorm. Seeing familiar faces definitely made the transition from South Carolina life to the fast-paced atmosphere of D.C. much easier.  Since  Sunday, I have been able to explore the city somewhat and learn my way around Howard’s campus fairly well.  I have also begun my research for the program. I was assigned a mentor who specializes in Women in Film.  She has been a great help in developing a specific research topic that I must be ready to present at the National Symposium in New Jersey by the end of the summer.

From what I understand, I will be conducting a majority of my research out of the Library of Congress, which is an awesome opportunity because the resources there are almost endless.  The next few weeks should be filled with intense study but I will also explore more of the city. The Howard University students and faculty have been very welcoming and continue to make this experience worthwhile both academically and socially.


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