Isaiah Jones Finding Inspiration as a Fellow at Emory University

Isaiah Jones is attending the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Summer Institute at Emory University.

I have almost completed my first week here at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.  I am a recipient of the UNCF/Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship.  This esteemed fellowship is known for preparing the undergraduate student to achieve their Ph.D. and become a tenured professor.

I am attending the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Summer Institute for all Fellows from across the nation. There are 32 of us this year.  I count it a rare opportunity and a priviledge to be in the company of such intelligent individuals who have a similar goal in mind: to obtain a Ph.D.  I can truly say that the participants of this program are transformative and profound in their perspectives and total outlook on society. 

I have been thoroughly enjoying myself, in the work and in the recreation at Emory.  This campus has an atmosphere of self reliance and accountability.  Not to mention, it is a large campus.  My living accommodations is in a sorority house with all of the Undergraduate Fellows. 

The work itself is challenging and requires research, analytical skills, time and patience.  I am working on a prospectus that will lead into my study of a two-year thesis on the topic of “Speakers of a Second Language: Addressing the Stereotypes that Plague Multilingual Individuals in a Culturally Rich Society.”  This topic is subject to modification.

My most empowering moment at this campus so far would be a session that I  attended. The Rudolph Byrd Lecture Series is dedicated to the life and continued work of Dr. Rudolph P. Bryd.  Dr. Byrd is a renowned professor of American Studies.  He joined the Emory University faculty in 1991.  Dr. Byrd earned his PhD at Yale.  The speaker for the lecture was a “super-star” in the realm of Gender Studies,  Dr. Beverly Guy- Sheftall, director of  Women’s Research & Resource Center and the Anna Julia Cooper Professor of Women’s Studies at Spelman College.  She spoke on the topic of “Coretta Scott King: The Radical Teacher Activist.”  I will leave only one powerful quote from Dr. Guy-Sheftall’s lecture:

“There is no way to make peace while preparing for war.” — Coretta Scott King

I am thankful to those who helped me achieve this opportunity.  I will take full advantage of my resources here at Emory University. And I will continue to enjoy myself.


3 Responses to “Isaiah Jones Finding Inspiration as a Fellow at Emory University”

  1. Hello Isaiah.
    It certainly sounds as though you’re having a great intellectual and learning experience at Emory. How wonderful. I did hear back from Frederica Whitfield. Give her a call at CNN to set up a time to meet her.
    All the best.
    Vivian Glover

  2. Betty Key Smalls Says:


    We are very proud of you at the Office of Career Services, Claflin University. Continue to find inspiration and achieve greatness as a Fellow at Emory University.

  3. Melvenia Williams Says:

    I am so proud of you.

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